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New 19 mm tube with rectal applicator from Ellethyplast

   With the progress of medicine in the treatment of rectal diseases EllethyPlast is honored to provide a pipe diameter of 19 mm and extending the head cover and this product fits preparations for the treatment of anal. To request product you can contact our sales EllethyPlast.


EllethyPlast produces pipes with diameters multi polyethylene material to allow you a wider choice in packaging as shown in the picture and to make it easier to choose what fits your product process and can be dyed polycarbonate materials polyethylene with optional color to impart a distinctive color on the body of the tube or stay in their natural color - colorless.

The EllethyPlast believes that the main factor in creating a first impression about your product in the market is how the appearance of your product on the shelf. There are three main factors which must be taken into account (the consistency of the dimensions of the tube with the size of the packaged material - design - colors) so we think. distinctly EllethyPlast pleased to offer you more than 350 color glossy and matte to give your products attractive colors.



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