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In start year 2014 our company expanded the portfolio of its products with laminate tubes containing an aluminum barrier (ABL) and an EVOH plastic barrier (PBL).

Laminate tubes with the EVOH barrier (plastic barrier laminate) have physical features of plastic little tubes (flexibility and capability of returning to their basic shape) and by adding the EVOH barrier they become resistant to permeation of unwanted substances and gases into a product. The two barriers protect the product from the influence of external factors such as UV rays, the air, damp as well as from oxidizing of a product or escaping aromatic substances outside of the little tube.


New possibilities of pressure plastic welding of little tubes make the welded side edge of the little tube almost invisible (invisible seam side) which allows for covering of practically the whole surface of the little tube with print.



ABL – laminate that contains the aluminum barrier

PBL – the laminate that contains the EVOH plastic barrier




ANOTHER ONE (on a special request of a customer)

PBL (aluminum barrier laminate) of the thickness of: 350my/25my EVOH; 300my/25my EVOH; 300my/15my EVOH, 400my/9my EVOH;




A laminate tube is made of a streamer of flat stamped laminate. The laminate used by our company comes from the best world manufacturers of this material. The laminate structure consists of 5 layers (Polyethylene – an adhesive layer – barrier (aluminum or EVOH, an adhesive layer – Polyethylene).


The streamer of the stamped laminate being formed in a roll of a desired diameter is then cut off to its desired length. A top head is heated for the made pipe. The top head may be covered with a membrane for a better protection of the product. The last stage is pressing in or screwing of a cap chosen by the customer.



Cosmetic branch


Laminate tubes in the cosmetic branch are mostly used for toothpastes, hand creams, depilation creams, shave creams, cosmetic peelings, body creams, balms, shampoos and others.


Our packaging's meet the highest requirements of cosmetic companies, both Polish and foreign ones.


Our laminate tubes can be covered, for example, with paint that contains a special additive which releases aromas while rubbing. It is a perfect way of getting the customer familiar with a fragrance of a product with no need of opening the little tube. It also gives the content of the ads flowing out of the packaging


A method of decorating to get a glitter effect can be the use of a special lacquer additive making the whole overprint or its chosen elements glitter.


The next means of decorating little tubes for cosmetic products is using matt and glitter lacquer to get out the color depth (glitter) or it's toning (matt). Linking the two kinds of lacquer enables us to achieve brilliant visual effects of the print.

In our offer there is also a possibility to print laminate with fluorescent paints which own the features of glittering in dark. This method of decorating will make your product easily visible even in the dim light thanks to which you will be able to see and get it.

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