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As Egyptians we are dreaming of  supporting the local & regional and the global industry. We seek to raise up our country's name hight by reduction of import from abroad and raising the brand of the principle of ( Made in Egypt ). In order to achieve all of this, We established this company in 6 October extracts 20 years of experience and professional in plastic field in general and in producing plastic tubes especially.

Because we are specialists in producing medications Packages, Cosmetics, hotels Supplies and Chemical products. Because we are using the best Plastic tubes made of materials  PP , PE.Friends of the environment ,We are not interactive with bottled materials.

Because we print tubes up to 6 colors with different sizes starts from 19 mm to 50 mm and medications Packages, made of  PEHD.


Expert in our field for more than 20 years.

 The main strategy is serving our customers and to Commitment to quality standards & Continue to expand our coverage for the market. We are specialists in this field since it appeared in Egypt. For that reason we are We are one of the pioneers in manufactoring plastic tubes in  Egypt and in middle east.

Proud to produce tubes made of high-density PEHD. Also glass bottles made of PEHD which is used packaging medicines and cosmetics and chemical industries.




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TEL: 02/38204548

FAX: 02/38204548

MOB.: 01154244777-01223482187

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